Reviews and Testimonials

“Before seeking treatments from Pearl, I had headaches and back pain frequently that were caused by stress. I now see her at least once a week and I have noticed a dramatic decrease in pain. Her treatments are also very relaxing which also help with the stress factor. Pearl is always flexible with my schedule and has a convenient location just a few lights down Arapaho and Jupiter.” – Linda C.

“I’m a competitive rower. Having experienced near debilitating pain in my upper arms, and having failed in my attempts for pain relief through physical therapy and massage therapies for more than a year, Pearl relieved my pain with just one acupuncture treatment! After two treatments, the pain was fully gone for the first time in more than a year; and better yet, has not returned!” – Denise M.

“I saw Pearl for some lingering post – partum issues that medicine had not been able to help. After just a few sessions, the issues were finally resolved.  Pearl is professional,  efficient,  and extremely competent, I highly recommend her!” – Kate D.

“Threw my back out picking up my kid. A few needles in the back later and my pain and stiffness were greatly reduced. Pearl did a great job.” – Lee B.

“Pearl is the only person I even think of when it comes to my acupuncture treatments. Being an athlete I generally come in with more than one issue, and Pearl is always able to facilitate all of my needs. She has excellent communication skills, she always make sure we are on the same page and that I am getting all of my needs met. On more than one occasion she has gone the extra mile to give me resources and show me things to do while i’m at home to help me with my problem areas. I really can’t recommend Pearl enough, She is fantastic!” – James U.